Titleist ProV1x PRACTICE A Grade


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Titleist Pro V1X PRACTICE A Grade

Used Range Balls

There are always questions surrounding the AMAZING Titleist Pro V1X PRACTICE ball.  Amazing because it is a Pro V but, somehow, costs SO MUCH less than a Pro V1X.  How can this be?

According to the Titleist web site, here is the truth:

“Pro V1 Practice golf balls are conforming products that differ only due to a cosmetic blemish such as paint, ink or registration of stamping. Pro V1 Practice golf balls do not have any construction or performance deficiencies.”

“One thing to keep in mind, both products may be used in the casual round of golf including those with scores posted for handicaps, and most competitions, with the possible exception of high level competitions invoking the Local Rule requiring balls to be on the List of Conforming Golf Balls. Please refer to the USGA Official Rules here: http://www.usga.org/Rule-Books/Rules-of-Golf/Decision-05/#5-1/3

Takeaway: YOU SAVE MONEY WITH THIS BALL!  It is a full blooded, Pro V1X ball at a FRACTION of the cost of a new Pro V1X…it is the Pro V1X’s brother in every sense of the word.   Not a cousin, or a step brother, or a look alike..it is a Titleist Pro V1X that says PRACTICE on it. Certainly well suited to use in the neighborhood round of golf with your friends.

The Titleist Pro V1X PRACTICE golf balls you buy from Golfball Monster are used and come in “A” grade (barely used).  They have tons of life left in them…great performance…clean and ready to ship.  We ship them in cases of  600, 1,200, and 2,400.  Oh…and shipping is ALWAYS FREE at Golfball Monster!!

Our prices are the lowest you will find AND our quality is the highest and service is king!  Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied…but you will be.

Prices are from $0.78 to $1.00 per ball based on quantity ordered

Delivered to your door…and shipping is included!

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