Paragon Range Cosmetically Challenged AB Grade Used Golf Balls | One Lot of 2510 [REF#0402c]


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Paragon Range Cosmetically Challenged AB Grade Used Golf Balls | 2510 Per Case [REF#0402c]

Here is a collection of Paragon Range "Cosmetically Challenged" AB Grade Used Golf Balls.



One bundle of 2,510 count (209 Dozen)

Here are some definitions:

AB GRADE means these used range golf balls will be a mix of our A grade (OUR BEST) and our B grade but they lean towards A.  This is a rating based on performance...NEARLY NEW!

Cosmetically Challenged means they are stained from their life experience...which in no way impacts their PERFOMANCE or grade level.  They have been cleaned and scrubbed but, as we all know, some of life's stains simply can not be washed away. They will play well and have tons of life.  Look at the photos and you will see there are stains that we have tried to remove. They are not dirty...we scrubbed and scrubbed them...they just won't sparkle.

This is ONE lot of 2,510 balls (209 Dozen)(50 Dozen)

These are NICE GOLF BALLS...Lots of life left...but they have lost some ink and shine.

Uncle Len had a thing for the sea.  He lived in North Dakota, pretty far from any ocean, but he was drawn to the legends and lore of the ocean.  His house was decorated with a nautical theme and he always wore a bleached white U.S. Navy hat.
One spring the winds had been steady and strong. He took an antique horse buggy and affixed a mast to it.  He then attached sails made from old hay tarps to the mast.  Conditions seemed favorable as the winds picked up so he climbed aboard and unfurled his tarps. 

The wagon instantly lurched to life! 
Unfortunately he had not yet hooked up any sort of braking system for the wagon so it was all he could do to steer the out of control, wheeled schooner across the endless prairie.  It soon plowed its way through a field of soy beans and then jumped over Route 281.  A full half mile later it ended up in Lake Alice.  Uncle Len was tangled in tarps and rigging and stuck under the mast. He had to be rescued by the local Carrington Volunteer Fire Department. 

He nearly drowned that day in the only boat he had ever piloted.
 Of course that has nothing to do with these golf balls.
Our Grading System

Used golf balls arrive at our facility in Tennessee almost every day and in EVERY condition you can imagine. Some have only been hit once or twice or used on just couple of holes. Others have spent a month or so in a pond.

Once we get them we thoroughly scrub then sort them (by HAND). Sorting is a manual process. One ball at a time, by experienced members of our team.

Sorting is kind of complicated as we must get rid of bad balls, divide the good balls by grade and further divide by application (Driving Range/Practice vs Competition).

Here is how we sort and grade them:

Competition Golf Balls: MINT

This is the only gradation we sell for used competition golf balls. You play these balls...they are not meant for driving range practice. they are meant to save you money as they are priced WAY below retail.

Our Range / Practice golf balls are for practice on the driving range. These balls typically have stripes on them, logos, or the word PRACTICE stamped on them. We carry FOUR grades of these balls: A B C and D.

These golf balls are the highest quality used golf ball in the marketplace. They are like new and will feel and play as a new golf ball would. Its shading is excellent. This mix may HAVE corporate LOGOS* and player pen markings, but NO cuts or NO scuffs.
*Percentage varies anywhere from 0% to 100% logo balls depending on inventory.

Competition Golf Balls: REFURBISHED

We no longer offer our Refurbished products.  Thank you to those who have been fans over the years.

Range/Practice Golf Balls

Range/Practice Golf Balls: A Grade:

Top of the line...these range balls still have a lot of life left. They have good shine and most of the stripes are still there.

Range/Practice Golf Balls: B Grade:

Good range balls. Stripes and shine are starting to wear down. You might notice cosmetic flaws wear. Still very playable, expect tanning on some golf balls of this grade. Logo will be on some golf balls depending on our inventory.

Range/Practice Golf Balls: C Grade:

Good For Winter Ranges. Less stripes and manufacturer markings than the B Grade. Some will have logos, tanning, scuffs and players' pen marks, etc.

Range/Practice Golf Balls: D Grade:

This is the last date these golf balls will go on. These babies are priced to MOVE so when you lose them, nobody is going to care. Great for hit-away situations or on ranges where ball retieval is difficult. Many of this D Grade are sold for knocking off the boat or pier and into the lake. These are NOT pretty...but we sell a LOT of them as they are a great value! We try to clean them but some may be a bit dirty. Don't be amazed if you can't tell who manufactured them!

Product Information

1) Orders USUALLY ship next business day:

Our FedEx service picks up by noon EASTERN TIME.  We need time to process each order so, unless your order is paid for by 9:00 AM Eastern Time, it will PROBABLY ship the next business day.

2) Taxes are ONLY applied to orders delivering to Tennessee Addresses:

We are headquartered in Maryville, Tennessee and only add taxes to orders shipping to Tennessee Zip Codes.

3) Our Prices Include Shipping:

No need to calculate shipping prices..they are included in the item pricing!  This service is GROUND DELIVERY from Tennessee so if you are in the far reaches of the USA

4) Box Capacity and Weights:

Golf balls weigh a tad over 10 pounds per 100. 

Maximum/normal orders are packed 600 balls to a case (62 Lbs total) and that case measures 19" x 14 3/4" x 9 5/8"

Orders in excess of 3600 balls (6 cases) need to consider aditional charges for lift gate access, arrangements for delivery signatures, off-loading labor, etc.  

5) Quality and Condition:

All balls we sell are washed, clean, and hand sorted by REAL PEOPLE (not machines) at our facility.  Scuffed, cut, bruised, and split balls are discarded.  Unless otherwise noted, there is a good possibility the balls you order will have marker and/or logos on them.  Also, since people make mistakes, some orders might have a few wrong ball in the box.  It just happens.

6) Shipping Restrictions:

Unless previously arranged we ONLY ship via FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight.  Unless previously arranged we ONLY ship to the Continental USA. We can not fill APO/FPO orders! We can only ship to physical street addresses: NO P.O Boxes!


We Buy Used Golf Balls

The team at Golfball Monster will buy used golf balls..and we buy them from all over the USA. We buy used golf balls from country clubs, municipal courses, ranges, maintenance workers, home owners, pond runs, or anybody who has a large quantity of used golf balls. From Titleist to Pinnacle, from Mint to D-Grade, we will offer you a price for your used golf balls and hopefully make you a deal.

YES!  We Buy Used Golf Balls!

If you have at least eight-thousand golf balls that you would like to sell, please give Jim Johnson a call at: (805)-208-9903. If you have 8,000 or more golf balls in any condition, chances are we will buy them.

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