Our Refurbished Refinished Golf Balls

About Golfball Monster’s refinished golf ball products:

We know there are many refinished and refurbished balls “out there” that are a very low quality.  Those balls, and their reviews on line, may have you ready to pass on all refurbished balls.  But wait…these are NOT those balls.  We get GREAT reviews on our refurbished products.  We are so sure you will love our refurb products and we offer a money back guarantee to back that up. Try a few dozen of them.  If you are not satisfied, contact us and you can return them.  Period.

Golfball Monster only sells THE BEST refinished golf balls on Earth…in our entire solar system…probably in the galaxy. We control the manufacturing process and all quality control.  Our refub balls Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x, Bridgestone B330’s, Taylormade Pentas, and the Callaway I series). These balls are specifically selected from our used inventory and are then refinished to the highest standards.  Here is how this works…

1) First, the team at Golfball Monster retrieves used golf balls, sorts them, and selects those that are shipped to the refinishing plant.
2) At the refinish plant, the Golfball Monster balls are segregated by manufacturer, make, and model. These balls then have all of the old paint and finish removed from and are then go to a spray booth where they are repainted…much like repainting a car.
3) Next, the golf balls’ original manufacture’s logo and brand is applied to the ball, as well as the word refinished. Lastly, a fresh, protective, clear coat is applied to the ball. Here you can see a typical refurbished ball from Golfball Monster.

Here is a Bridgestone Tour B330 S Refurbished ball Note the word “REFINISHED” stamped on the ball

Here is our
Bridgestone Tour B330 S
Refurbished Ball

Note the word “REFINISHED
is stamped on the ball

4) After being inspected at the plant, the new refinished golf balls are shipped back to Golfball Monster.
5) Back in our Maryville, Tennessee facility, our team does one final inspection to ensure that these balls are all of proper quality. Then, the refinished golf balls are ready to be shipped to your door!  If you don’t like them, return them for a full refund.  It’s that simple.

Life at the Golf Ball refurbishing plant