About Golfball Monster

All About Golf Ball Monster

While caddying at Bel-Air Country Club, Jim Johnson, owner of Golfball Monster, met a maintenance man at the course. The worker had saved up six thousand golf balls which he had found while working on the course.   He wanted to sell them and  Jim saw an opportunity. His girlfriend at the time had connections to a course pro in Sweden. Thus, they sold the golf balls and their business started.

Slowly but surely the company started growing. Decades later Golfball Monster is now selling over ten million golf balls annually to thousands of golfers across the country. Golfball Monster buys their golf balls from all over the USA including, country clubs, municipal courses, ranges, collectors, and golf course maintenance workers. As well as buying used golf balls, Golfball Monster is also in the refurbished golf ball industry. We refurbish high-end golf balls like, Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1X, Taylormade Penta’s, Bridgestone B330’s, and the Callaway I Series.

THANK YOU for using our products and please contact Jim at 805-208-9903 if you have any questions!