This exact link is not available to the general public Items that achieve SOLD OUT status have to be manually "awarded" a SOLD OUT code (by me) in order to make it to this list MOST In Stock items have HUGE inventory quantities that will never deplete to the point of them actually becoming "sold out" ...IOW Dean needs to be contacted and told "we are out of Brand X" and then he will manually lower the inventory to 0 and put them on this list. If you review this link and see something is back IN STOCK, let Dean know and he will increase the inventory and put it back into play ALL ITEMS in GBM.com appear in the store until they are deleted for good...so, while this (private) report/screen shows a collected consolidation of ALL OUT OF STOCK items, these same items will continue to appear individually in other searches/presentations until Dean actually deletes them for good.  That way clients can see we actually deal in said product...it's just out of stock. When they are SOLD OUT they still appear on the site but they can NOT be ordered